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cordale boydCordale Boyd With and exceptional work ethic and unprecedented intangibles, Cordale Boyd is a coaches dream! Innate leadership coupled with a will to improve, Cordale has made substantial improvement in all categories from bench press (315 to 500), squat max (400 to 635) forty time(5.3 to 5.1) just to name a few! Cordale will make an immediate impact at the University of Arkansas and will be a true ambassador for TEAM SHABAZZ
TreDonald “Tre” Harris Tre has made TREMENDOUS gains in his strength, jumping ability, and his quickness since joining Team Shabazz in Late February. He has put on 6 lbs of muscle to date to go onto his 6’8″ frame and is now exceptionally athletic for a player his size.
Aisha Shabazz Aisha came to her uncle Coach Shabazz and wanted to get faster and more explosive for basketball season. She worked so hard and became so much quicker and faster than before she was one the best defenders on her team on route to a New York State Championship! Aisha is a great athlete and works hard to get better daily!
justinJustin Ammond Justin is a fourteen year old from Memphis Tennessee.  His dad reached out to Coach Shabazz to help just prepare for the US National Baseball Team.  He is also a talented basketball and football player, but his primary sport is baseball, and he wants to insure a good showing and get stronger and faster along the way.  Justin works extremely hard is improve his speed and agility and has done so and will continue to improve!
maxMax Murray Max, nicknamed MAXIMUS by Coach Shabazz because of his leadership as a young athlete, Max Murray was determined to increase his athletic ability to make a competitive baseball team that he was cut from the year before. After training with Coach Shabazz he went on to make that team and was a major contributor!! Max also plays basketball at M.U.S. and is looking forward to his upcoming 8th grade year and will continue to train hard and improve! His quickness and speed had improved dramatically and will continued training will continue to do so!
jasmineJasmine ShabazzJasmine Shabazz Soph. PF/ C For St. Augustine College in Raleigh NC. Avg 6 reb and 2 blks 2 stls per game 6’1″ 195lbs.  As freshman at Niagara Community College avg 21pts and 13reb per game
parkerParker AlperinParker Alperin 14 year old football baseball player.  1st year of football made defensive player of the year at linebacker. Plays shortstop for Germantown baseball league. Great range and athleticism
EliEli OsdobaEli Osdoba 5’9″ junior point guard Cooper Yashiva MVP All-tournament team Shelby county Basketball league avg 24 pts 8 assists pg. Eli is determined to work hard at anything that will make him a better basketball player. He started training with Coach Shabazz in December, and this awesome point guard had taken his athletic ability and doubled it in only a few months. Eli’s quickness had sky-rocketed and now looks to add the strength and vertical jump improvement, and with his work ethic he will do just that!
brianBrian ItkowitzBrian Itkowitz 6’2″ 195 lbs sophomore All-tournament Shelby county basketball tournament Shelby county basketball league champions New York City Tier 2 Red S. tournament Champion member of MJCC international Maccabi Basketball team. Along side teammate Eli Osdoba and little brother Gabe, Bryan is a once in a lifetime young man who is a standout on the court, weight room and the classroom! Bryan is a true leader by example and has shown tremendous improvement in his vertical, as this 6’2″ 195 lbs sophomore is now dunking the ball and is moving faster than ever before! Bryan’s training will continue to propel him to new heights, and TEAM SHABAZZ is honored to train with him!
tahjTahj ShabazzCoach Shabazz’s youngest son follows in dad’s footsteps to a tee! This seven year old has been training with his dad and it has translated in every sport he plays. Tahj is a mini version of his dad and with his big brother training at his side, he is growing more athletic by the second! By the time he’s of age, this lifetime of training will be a huge benefit to him!
alvinAlvin ArnoldAlvin will be heading to Tusculum College on a full athletic scholarship. He came to Coach Shabazz after learning how he had trained fellow Ridgeway Graduates and Teammates Brandon Lewis and Cordale Boyd. Alvin is a All-District Center and looks to have an immediate impact at the college level and has already showed tremendous strength gains and will continue to train hard!
aaronAaron Shabazz Aaron Shabazz trained with her uncle Coach Shabazz the summer before her senior year of High School basketball in Buffalo, NY. She worked extremely hard on her speed and vertical jump a well as increasing her quickness. During her senior year, she did the following; all-state New york, New york State Champion basketball, 1000 career points, SUPER SEVEN, ALL WESTERN NEW YORK
rashadRashad BoydRashad is a gifted running back from Marion High School in Marion Arkansas! He came to coach Shabazz to insure that he would have an strong upcoming senior year in football. Rashad’s straight ahead speed superb, and is getting better. Rashad is also showing great improvements in his footwork, a focal point of his training this summer.
steveSteven Shabazz Steven is a 13 year old with autism. He is a living inspiration to the entire team!  After his mom (my wife) was told that he would never play organized sports due to his disability, she never gave up hope.  Steve had gone on to play soccer, baseball, and basketball and has absolutely flourished in the speed training program with tremendous improvement in his speed, coordination, balance, flexibility, quickness and most importantly his confidence.  Steven is living proof that with determination and hard work, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!
jacobJacob Rossi Jacob is a football player, soccer player, and basketball player.  Jake is working extremely hard to get into shape and improve his explosiveness by training with TEAM SHABAZZ
laurenzLaurenz HowardLaurenz Howard is a young athlete playing 2 sports (football, baseball) while maintaining all A’s in school!  A 12 year old who has a great work ethic at a young age that will take him a very long way!  Laurenz trained with his uncle Coach Shabazz and became so much faster he was an impact player on his football team when he returned back to Chattanooga after his summer training!  He looks to improve even more this summer and is set on doing so!
nessaNessa SteinbergNessa Steinberg is one the toughest athletes on TEAM SHABAZZ!  A freshman soccer player at St Mary’s and a tremendous goal keeper, Nessa plays club soccer and has a SUPERIOR WORK ETHIC!  Nessa was part of a gold medal winning 16 and under team in the International Maccabi Games held in Israel and currently competes in club soccer throughout the country!  Nessa’s smile and hard work are her trademark and we are proud to have her!
Brandon Lewis Brandon is a 6’5″ 232 lbs defensive end from Ridgeway High School on his way play football for the University of Arkansas! Brandon has been training with Coach Shabazz since February and had made tremendous improvement in his strength and quickness! A great young man with a constant smile on his face, Brandon will have an immediate impact at the college level!
Devin McDonaldDevin McDonald Devin Came to Coach Shabazz the summer before her freshman year of college to gain quickness and explosiveness needed to compete at the college level. She did just that! As one of the first athletes of TEAM SHABAZZ, Devin is a model for hard work! She went on to start at Birmingham southern in soccer as a freshman and is looking forward to her sophomore season with promises to be even better!
Jamison KnoxJamison Knox Jamison is an exception athlete! Already blessed with blistering speed (4.35 40), Jamison came to Coach Shabazz to improve his change of direction quickness and his lateral movement. An All-conference defensive trained hard and is hands down the best athlete on Alcorn State’s football team!
GregGreg Matthews Greg is a PHENOMENAL young athlete who’s potential has no limits! Greg is a 14 year old three sport athlete and wants to continue to standout. He came to coach Shabazz with hopes to add strength, explosiveness and speed to his game and Greg is well on his way to doing exceptional things is any sport!!
Robin DuRobin Du Robin recently started training with TEAM SHABAZZ and has immediately shown increases in lateral movement and speed! His plays basketball and soccer as a13 year old, and I looking forward to continued improvement!
Ander Gaftsky Ander came to Coach Shabazz before his first year of college basketball at Birmingham Southern College. He wanted to put in more bulk, but didn’t know that he’d do that and some. Ander increased his vertical, speed and flexibility in just two months of training and was ready for his freshman year!
Keith Mayes Keith Mayes is a gifted athlete who’s training with Coach Shabazz dates back to his childhood. The model that his uncle Coach Shabazz set as a young athlete is what he has followed and had set him apart as the single best athlete on UT Chattanooga’s football team! He made it a personal goal to beat every number his uncle had, from 40 time to max bench to pro shuttle time etc! He’s is truly a hard worker and this will take him to a long and successful career both on and off the field!
Nick Gonzales Nick is a 14 year old basketball player who wants to become more athletic through speed training. He had shown great improvement in his quickness and explosiveness and will continue to train and become even more athletic.
Kareem Lewis Kareem is a young rugby player who’s speed and quickness skyrocketed after training with Coach Shabazz! A natural athlete, once his technique was refunded he demonstrated blistering speed on the rugby field. Kareem will add speed to any team he’s on and TEAM SHABAZZ is happy to have him!
Kevin Pupo Nicknamed “Lightning” by Coach Shabazz, Kevin is a cat quick soccer and Rugby player who has a great upside! With continued training, Kevin could do great things on this soccer field with his extreme quickness and much proved speed! After a lesson in tough love from Coach Shabazz with regard the importance of academics, Kevin is ready to rejoin the team and continue his training!
Octreyvius RoebuckOctreyvius Roebuck Southern Wesleyan College guard Octreyvius Roebuck came to his cousin Coach Shabazz and asked how to take his athletic ability to the next level to prepare for a shot at pro basketball. Coach Shabazz gave him a workout and he immediately notice improvement in his jumping ability and his speed! Through speed training, Tae became more athletic, and is now playing professional basketball in the LNB in Mexico!
Khalil SpencerKhalil Spencer Khalil Spencer, the freshman basketball PHENOM from B.T.W. High School in Memphis had a sensational rookie season averaging 22 points per game leading his team to the Tennessee State Tournament and earning ALL METRO honors. He is also a straight A student, proving a great work ethic both on and off the court! He came to Coach Shabazz to prepare for a strong Sophomore season through speed and agility training. Khalil is already showing improvement in his lateral movement, and has a tremendous future ahead of him with his continued hard word and dedication to getting better!
Samuel KailSamuel Kail Samuel Is a 5’10” 170lbs High School sophomore who came to Coach Shabazz to increase his quickness and speed. Samuel is looking to have a strong Junior year and wants to play at the college level, and through speed and agility training, he has put himself in position to do just that! Samuel is a great track runner also, but wants to become even faster to dominate his competition!
Skal LabissiereSkal Labissiere Skal is a rising high school sophomore and is a rare mix of size (6’10”) and skill on the basketball court. Nationally ranked #4 in and #1 in the country for his position for the class of 2015, Skal came to coach Shabazz to improve his footwork and speed, plus add some bulk to help him to stand out even more as one of the best college prospects in the country, and possibly the best high school player out of Memphis since Penny Hardaway!
Michael CarrMichael Carr Harding Academy Running Back MIchael Carr comes to TEAM SHABAZZ with a hunger for improving his speed to insure a strong senior year to prepare him for the next level which is college football! As a junior he rushed for 1600 yards and 22 TD’s Michael has a GREAT work ethic, but wanted to increase speed to stand out as an elite running back, and is on his way to doing just that!
Carter Heinz Nicknamed THE YOUNG PHENOM because of his mix of size and speed, coupled with a fire lit under him to constantly get better, Carter Heinz is a three sport athlete at Harding Academy in Memphis and is a standout! He started speed training with Coach Shabazz the summer of 2011 and he has flourished in every sport ever since! Carter is a great young athlete and TEAM SHABAZZ is proud he’s one of ours!
Damien DJ Wooten In preparation for his Freshman year at Freed Hardman College on a full basketball scholarship, Damien came to Team Shabazz to Increase his strength, speed and quickness to compete at the college level. Already adding bulk to his frame, Damien is growing even quicker by the minute and with his continued training, he will definitely make an impact for his team!
Cameron Payne Cameron Payne is one the best high school basketball players in the state of Tennessee! A rising senior for Lausanne Collegiate School, Cameron came to Coach Shabazz to not only bulk up for his senior season, but to add speed and explosiveness to his game! Cameron is currently being recruited by several Universities, but he wants to dominate the high school ranks first, and has joined TEAM SHABAZZ to insure that he does just that!
Antonio Burks Former Memphis Grizzlies and Memphis Tigers Guard Antonio Burks came to Coach Shabazz 3 years after a near fatal gunshot wound nearly took his life. Out of basketball for good, Antonio had gained up to 85 lbs as he remained inactive and unmotivated. But after his first workout, Antonio became rejuvenated and more motivated than ever, losing 25 lbs in his first month of training. With the loss of 80% of the feeling in his lower left leg due to nerve damage from the gunshot wound, his determination to recover from this tragedy has driven him past the pain, and he is inspiring young athletes to work hard push through adversity everyday!
Tenarius “TANK” Wright Tank was on spring break from the University of Arkansas Razorbacks football team when he reached out to Coach Shabazz for a workout over his break. Little did he know this would be one of the best speed/agility workouts he’s ever had! Tank is on the NFL WATCH list for linebackers as he leads the #10 ranked Razorbacks along with TEAM SHABAZZ TEAMMATES Cordale Boyd and Brandon Lewis! Tank will continue to train with TEAM SHABAZZ after this his final season with the Razorbacks in preparation for a great NFL career! He has tremendous athleticism for a player his size (6’4″ 255) and it will only get better which had opposing offenses extremely nervous!!
James Babb One of Coach SHABAZZ’S “FANTASTIC FOUR”, James Babb has been nicknames THE MACHINE by Coach Shabazz because of his SUPERIOR work ethic, and AMAZING STRENGTH!! This 14 year old 6’5″ 190lbs animal can already bench 300LBS!!! He hopes to add quickness and leaping ability to his skills on the basketball court and the football field! Babb is already listed as one of America’s “Future 150”, and is already getting the attention of the national basketball community in the AAU circuit under his father Terry’s team The Memphis War Eagles! James has an EXTREMELY bright future and will continue to progress with Coach Shabazz’s Training!
Isaiah Stokes Another one of Coach Shabazz’s “FANTASTIC FOUR”, Isaiah Stokes, a 14 year old 6’7″ eighth grader is a once in a lifetime talent who is looking to learn at a young age what hard work in the weight room in the off season will do to give you an advantage! Already ranked by MSElite National Player Ranking as the #6 rated eighth grader nationally, Isaiah came to Coach Shabazz to improve his quickness, speed, and explosiveness as well as his strength, all needed to take his game to the next level. Isaiah is one to watch for years to come and is focused on being a great player and a great athlete! When he isn’t trying to the give Coach Shabazz a hug or a laugh, Isaiah is grinding in the weight room or the track to make him proud!
Denio Chirindja With a constant smile and an ora of positivity, Denio is one one hardest workers TEAM SHABAZZ has! Always encouraging a pushing his teammates, Denio’s jumping ability and quickness has sky-rocketed since joining TEAM SHABAZZ back in April. He is currently a senior on The Lausanne Collegiate School’s Varsity basketball team, he has his pick of what college he will attend to play his college ball, but wants to insure that he is ready physically by training with Coach Shabazz on his quickness, speed, vertical jump and his strength and has dramatically improved ALL of them!
Elise Grissoni 2011-2012 Best of the Preps Soccer Standout Elise Grissoni came to Coach Shabazz to insure a strong Senior Year and preparation to transition into college soccer. Elise is a work horse and she is constantly working to be in the best shape possible. Playing competitive soccer all year round hasn’t stopped “THE GRIZ” from training with Coach Shabazz, and this kid isn’t satisfied with just being good! SHE WANTS TO BE THE BEST! Improving on her speed, quickness and her strength, her work ethic is a special one and she is going to make a big impact at the college level!!
Cameron Taylor One of Team Shabazz’s ” FANTASTIC FOUR ” Cameron Taylor has already caught the attention of the National Basketball community! Listed as one if the Nation’s “Future 150”, Cameron started training with Coach Shabazz to continue to improve physically in order to dominate on the basketball court. With a quiet nature off the court, Cameron will absolutely crush you with his jump shot and his ability to get to the basket. Now with Coach Shabazz’s help, Cameron now has the strength and athletic ability to compete at the high school varsity level even though he’s only an eighth grader! Watch out for this kid!!
Sadale Scullark Sadale is one the best athletes of all of Team Shabazz! A three sport athlete, Sadale came to Coach Shabazz for a way to increase his athletic ability and he did just that. Sadale is stronger, faster and more explosive than ever before. Whatever sport he decides to play at the next level, he will absolutely be ready. Question is will they be ready for him!!!
Grace White is a two sport STANDOUT from Bartlett High School who is a member of her varsity basketball and soccer team as a freshman. She came to Coach Shabazz because she suffered from chronic hamstring injuries and wanted to reduce risk of injuries. She not only has done that, but with her great work ethic, extreme humility and constant smile on her face, she has become one of best athletes Team Shabazz has EVER SEEN!
Alexis Fossett Alexis came to Coach Shabazz to insure a strong senior season in Track and field as she has been heavily recruited to run track at the college level! She played basketball and ran track at Bishop Byrne in Memphis and is a very gifted sprinter! Extremely motivated and driven, Alexis has seen improvement on the track and will continue to become even faster as she prepares for the next level!
Adetayo Ajayi “Tayo” is a POWERHOUSE Defensive Tackle for Vanderbilt who came to Coach Shabazz during the off season after hearing how he trained former high school teammates Alvin Arnold (Tusculum College) Cordale Boyd (Arkansas) and Brandon Lewis (Arkansas). Tayo is a hard worker fighting to climb up Vandy’s depth chart, and came to improve his speed and explosiveness which he needs to compete against the SEC’s best!!
Michael EdwardsRhodes College in Memphis probably landed one of the most feared athletes in the area as TWO TIME State wrestling champion Michael Edwards will be attending Rhodes to play college football! He came to Coach Shabazz prior to his senior year summer of 2012, and now in preparation for the next level. Mike constantly has a smile on his face and keeps the team laughing, but when it’s time to get to work, Mike goes HARD and his athleticism is making dramatic improvements!! His hard work and grit are contagious and Mike is one to watch for!!!
Treasa Ho After hearing about and seeing how her younger sister Grace trained with coach Shabazz, Treasa wanted to prepare for a solid junior season at Faulkner University by improving her conditioning. She has been training extremely hard and her foot speed has dramatically improve since joining Team Shabazz! Treasa has a great attitude and a tremendous work ethic, and she has become much more athletic, and she is confident that her soccer career will be even more productive due to her speed and quickness gains as a result of her hard work!
Kennedy Chandler In 2013 Kennedy was ranked the #1 point guard in the nation for his class. He and his dad came to Coach Shabazz to improve his strength needed to compete with kids not only in his class (4th grade), but to compete again 5th and 6th graders as well! Kennedy is dedicated to becoming the best player he can be by training extremely hard and he will continue to dominate every time he steps on the court!
Alex Boyce Alex came to Team Shabazz in May of 2013 with aspirations to play collegiate LAX at the University of Memphis. He weighed 140lbs and ran a 5.3 40yrd dash. Not only did he add 30 lbs of solid muscle, he increased his speed to 4.71. He tried out and made the team is regarded as one the best players! A great motivator and hard worker, Boyce is a true ambassador of team SHABAZZ!!
Andre Applewhite Mississippi State G/F Andre Applewhite came to Team Shabazz after hearing of former high school teammate Jarnell Stokes’s improvement in explosiveness and athleticism as a result of explosive training. After taring his ACL his freshman year, he wanted to insure a return to his explosive ways on the court. Dre went on a tare in the weight room, on the track, and anywhere else for that matter HUNGRY to get back to 100%! Humility coupled with a pure passion to be the best, Dre is well on his way to success and its my pleasure to train him!!
Jarnell Stokes A preseason All American and All SEC player, this 6’9″ 260LBS GIANT, Jarnell was being killed by critiques and NBA scouts saying that he wasn’t explosive enough or quick enough to play at the next level. Tired of this nonsense, he came to coach Shabazz after hearing about his younger brother Isaiah’s improvement in his athleticism and thought he’d give the training a try. Six months later, Jarnell’s explosiveness has dramatically improved, going from an already impressive 4.85 forty time (great for someone his size) to and AMAZING 4.45, fastest on his basketball team! Jarnell is loving the improvement in his athleticism which has translated beautifully on the basketball court! Jarnell has become virtually unstoppable with his combination of brute strength, power, explosiveness and quickness. Looking forward to continued training and improvement!
Lauren Avant Lauren Avant is arguably the best women’s basketball player to come out of Tennessee. Now in her senior year at Rhodes College, Lauren came to Coach Shabazz to insure a special senior college season, which is already off to a flying start (41 points in game one)!! She has attributed her increased explosiveness to this unique training and her work ethic is also second to none! Lauren is determined to be the BEST and I’d argue she’s well on her way!!
Asa Toney DII All American Point guard Asa Toney heard of coach SHABAZZ’s explosive training going into his junior year at Maryville University, but it wasn’t until his senior that he began his training. Asa is a 6’3″ 225LBS POINT GUARD who is deadly on the basketball court. Now with the extra burst of explosion added to his game, just move out of this kids way when he has a head of steam! Asa is one to watch and will be playing at the next level in the near future!
Dedric Lawson Nationally ranked #4 player in the country by ESPN for the class of 2016, Dedric Lawson wanted to add athleticism to his already off the charts skill set on the basketball court! He is continuing to show great improvement in his quickness, footwork, and explosiveness. Dedric loves to work, and his humility and great attitude is one that should be replicated amount “high profile” athletes! He will continue to get even better because of his dedication, AND THAT IS SCARY!!
KJ Lawson One of the top players in the country, Memphis Tigers Signee Kj Lawson along with younger brother Dedric couldn’t pass up the idea of being college ready athletically while still playing at the high school level. A born scorer on the court, Kj wanted to add that extra burst of quickness and speed to his game, making him unstoppable! His demeanor in regards to training has been impressive, totally dialed in and eager to get stronger, faster and quicker. His work ethic and attitude in the weight room reminds me of one Kobe Bryant, in that he wants any possible way to train his body to not just be good, but to be DOMINANT!!
Kelsey Briggs Originally signing a full basketball scholarship to Georgetown, Kelsey came to Coach Shabazz at a crossroad. She wanted to be READY the second she started her college basketball career. We go to work right away and she hasn’t looked back. Kelsey has trained extremely hard on her strength, speed, endurance, and quickness. I am so proud to train this young lady and can’t wait to watch her dominate women’s basketball next year!!!
Brennon Jones Brennon Jones came to Coach Shabazz and asked if he could get him ready for college football. The thing that was so intriguing was that he had never played football before! Coach took this as a personal challenge and we hit the ground running! Brennon has been training with Coach Shabazz now for 4 months, and in that time his 40 has dropped from 4.71 to 4.44!!! His change of direction has improved dramatically and his ball skills seem to just come natural as a former basketball player. Brennon will walk on to the University of Memphis football Team and he will make us all proud!!
Romero Hill Romero is one of the best young point guards in the city of Memphis! He came to coach Shabazz along with teammates Kj and Dedric Lawson to improve he’s speed and quickness. He has made great progress in just 4 weeks so far and looks forward to even more! He made his first dunk after a few weeks of training and is now hungry for even more explosive results!!!
Selena Pruitt Every morning at 7AM Selena Pruitt meets Coach Shabazz in the weight room for training, and every game she hits the basketball court it shows! Because of her hard work, she is a step faster, a lot quicker, and has the strength to shoot the three ball from NBA range as a FRESHMAN! Selena is so driven to be the best basketball player she can be! She out works EVERYONE, and when NBA guard Elliot Williams came in to train with Coach Shabazz one session, he was blown away and said that “She has the fastest pair of feet he has ever seen!!” A special talent and a deadly shooter, don’t let the innocent look fool you, because she will shoot the lights out and run you right out of the gym!
Mark French As a freshman, Mark French along with teammate Austin Nichols led Briarcrest to the State Championship game where they were Runner-up. Mark vowed to work twice as hard as a sophomore when he met Coach Shabazz, who was actually in attendance at that game. From that point on, Mark has trained with Coach Shabazz to make him even quicker, stronger and more explosive than before. This kid works so hard and as a result, his play on the court has gone to another level! A born competitor and a born leader, Mark French is leading his team to win after win and he has no intentions of slowing down!!!

Team Shabazz Training Schedule and Locations

Training Schedule

M-F 5:30am 8:00am 11:00am 3:00pm 4:30pm and 6:00pm. Saturday 8:00am 9:00am 11:00am and 12:00pm

8551 Macon Rd.

Tre Harris Ball Handling Drill

Watch Coach Shabazz work on ball handling drills with Tre Harris, essential for getting him ready for his career as a pro.